How to Find a Job For Seniors That Doesn’t Require a Drug Test

Lots of job openings are up in the market nowadays. But for some people who have a certain habit of smoking weed, landing a job free from trouble may not be too easily available.

Now, how do you find a job that could be more convenient for you to apply for?

Choose the Field of Work You Apply For

It would be logical for you to go for jobs that focus more on creative output, teaching, or any work that is not risky. Jobs in the medical field, government, enforcement, heavy machinery or handling cash may not be in the lane for you as these require you to handle high-risk positions and people.

You may get in trouble more easily as these jobs are highly likely to have regular drug test requirements during employment. As a rule of thumb, just remember that jobs that can prove dangerous to you and to other people are a no-no for you.

Apply for Jobs Without the “Drug-Test” Description

This tip is basically what it says. Just skip the listings with the obvious “drug test requirement to apply” statement and save your time and effort. There are lots of sites online to help you with this. You can also look for postings around town and recommendations from friends.

Be Open to Low Wage Income Jobs

Since your options are much more limited than normal, you shouldn’t shun those other available jobs that are a bit less than the usual pay grade. You may have to climb the positional ladder to gain salary increases for this, but at least you get an opportunity to do so.

Be Persistent in Looking For Jobs

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and reviews from the people around you. Some people may know other people who could help you land a good job with the qualifications that you have.

Don’t forget to scour the depths of the internet for news and recommendations for your requirements. Keep a personal list of company names and addresses, and employee reviews and comments.

This would help you gauge what you might experience working for that particular company. To add, with today’s ever-evolving world and market, new types of possible fields may emerge which could be the one for you.

Ten years ago, social media influencers and figures did not exist, and now they earn quite a hefty sum of money every month. Go with the flow and research on new trends- be it in social media or in the outside world.

Some Occupations That Doesn’t Need A Drug Test:

Online Work

Obviously, if your job just requires you to sit at home and cater to clients, then you won’t need to prove that you’re clean of drugs. It’s a simple and easy way of profiting in the confines of your home.

Content writing, copywriting, copyediting and all the other related works can be done via freelancing sites. Another online job is online tutoring, which is all the rage nowadays with the influx of other nationalities eager to learn English.


Photography is a freelance type of work that requires both technical camera handling and creative input. Real-estate can also be in the field for you. For freelancing, you are your own boss and you schedule your clients and personal time as you see fit. Getting started would be the hardest step especially as you establish contacts and clientele.


The creative field of work is definitely a good place for you if you think about it. Fashion design allows you to send out your creative free will in the studio with not much worry for testing during work. Interior design simply requires you to decorate spaces with your own artful flair. It’s a type of freelance as well so you’re still handling clientele on your own.

Computer Sciences and Digital Designing

Mobile application and computer programming could also fall into freelance work as well as company-based work. Video and animation, graphic and web design fall into the creative department again.

Some computer development companies may test employees, but that would be rare. All would agree that collaboration requires that an atmosphere of trust is built around the personnel and the company itself, and drug testing constantly would simply not allow this to form.

Other Creativity-related Jobs

Event Planning allows you to be a problem solver and a meticulous schedule planner. It’s more of an on-the-field type of work that requires you to source out materials and providers on your own. Drug testing would be low on a requirement in this job.

Audio engineers are trained to be tech-savvy as well. Recording music and creating songs is what your boss would prioritize- so your technical skills, creative flow and ability to finish projects are all that matters.

Culinary arts need you to create well-presented yet delicious food, and what you do with your free time doesn’t really matter to the bosses unless it directly affects their business.


Self-employment is also a common occurrence in this job scene. Hairstylists, nail technicians, and makeup artists either work for a salon or work for themselves. Some salons may have screening policies, though it is more often they have more freedom in hiring people with the right skillset.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Aside from being hired, bookkeeping could also be a potential home job. Some companies prefer virtual assistants to do the needed work.

Dog and Physical Trainer

Working with dogs can be a rewarding endeavor. They won’t judge you if you make some mistakes, although their owners might if they catch you doing so. If you’re hired by dog owners, they’re your clients and you’re still your own boss as a self-employed person.

Working as a personal trainer under a gym or working on your own volition can be a good job for you. Both trainer jobs require you to be knowledgeable with the principles and skills at hand though, so you have to be qualified.

Some Companies That Don’t Test For Drugs:

For companies that do not find it necessary to test their employees or potential hires, it’s important for you to know that they are not necessarily noisy about this fact. Why? Well, it may spark some intrigue publicly and cause controversy due to these policies, or lack thereof.

So how do you find these companies? Word of mouth would be the way to go, so ask the people around you. Maybe they know someone, who maybe knows someone as well?

The good thing about the digital age is that reviews and forums will constantly be there for you to read and research on, so go ahead and venture into conversation threads about your target companies for possible job opportunities.

Small companies are more likely not to require drug testing. But as for large and well-known companies, the following are said to not need testing, based on the hearsay of current or previous employees:

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
  • Yahoo
  • Qualcomm
  • Starbucks
  • Gap
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill

What if the job I want needs me to do a drug test?

So you really want THAT job, huh? Worry not, people are inventing a lot of new ways for users to pass their drug tests with little worry. You could go ahead and use a detox kit. This just makes you urinate a lot more to release the metabolites created by weed from your body. It also makes sure that your urine levels aren’t too diluted so it doesn’t look too suspicious to testers.

You could use this for scheduled drug tests as well, but you have to prepare it two hours prior. A regularly scheduled cleansing could also work for you, though this may prove to be unreliable if you’re an on-and-off user and the company testing is regularly done.